Aerial imagery of any location can be collected at resolutions of 1 foot or better. Even imagery as refined as 2 inches can be captured for groves. Imagery is collected in color (RGB) and near infrared (NIR), as well as other bands if desired. Stereo imagery can also be collected in order to accurately determine tree height.

Computer-aided analysis of collected imagery establishes a vegetative outline of the trees and calculates the amount of productive canopy area for all trees in a block or grove. Any areas of vegetation that are not part of the canopy are removed from the final analysis by a trained imagery technician.

After a vegetative outline is established, trained computer technicians geo-locate each individual tree. Tree location, along with the vegetative outline and tree height, is used to categorize trees into productivity categories. This information can be useful in estimating production, for establishing tax and insurance rates, and for productivity and disease management.

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